Mountains Matts Privacy Policy

How we use your email address

Emails are kept on a secure server for the sole purpose of updating subscribers about news, updates and courses. We do not sell your details on to third parties or use them to potentially influence general elections or conduct regime change in any foreign countries... we simply use them to keep you updated.

How we collect your personal details

If you have attended one of our courses, workshops or guided days we will have asked you to complete a form where you would provide us with your personal, health and contact details. All details are kept secure for a period of 4 years to comply with Uk Tax regulations and accounting reasons or until the 21st birthday for under 18s. Once the four year limit is reachedĀ  your documents are shreaded.

We do not purchase contact details from any company and we do not collect personal information from Facebook, Instagram or any other social media form unless you are sending us a message to request more information.

We do not sell your details on to third parties, foreign powers or anybody else who may want them. All your details are kept safe and secure during the four year period.

If you dont want to be contacted by us

Unlike rogue call centers, when you ask us to leave you alone we will. If you wish for your email to be removed from our database simply click unsubscribe at theĀ bottom of the email or email me to ask not to be contacted.

Pictures of you in adverts and on social media

The only pictures I use are ones that you agreed and signed to say you agreed on the booking form for the course you attended. Basically your picture is legally mine and providing I dont photoshop your head onto the body of a celebrity or edit the picture to death I am complying with the law. This being said, if you change your mind and no longer want the celebrity status that being on my website inveitably brings then let me know and I will happily remove your face from all publishings and media.